Gigabytes a gigantic success

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On Tuesday evening, 16th October 2018, RMB FOUNDeRY hosted our first Gigabyte Demo Event. A little experiment to see if we could initiate discussions with our clients and the Fintech/Startup community.


The event was an opportunity for FinTechs /Startups/Entrepreneurs to showcase their products/ services. The lineup consisted of a few entrepreneurs that we have met, playing across industries, and thought their offerings were interesting, differentiated and had the potential to disrupt. Here’s a little summary of the startups:

We invited some of RMB’s clients to meet these entrepreneurs with the hope that one of these businesses could offer a solution(s) to a problem(s) our clients have been trying to solve in their respective businesses.

We kicked off the evening with a pitch event segment where the 17 startups had five min each to “sell” their concept/offering. No interruptions, no questions, just 5 min to showcase their magic!

The startups

Adhara: A real-time, multi-currency global liquidity management and international payments platform based on tokenised money over a smart contract-enabled distributed ledger.

DocFox: A digital KYC Solution – Client verification, watchlist screening & risk rating all in a single web portal.

Emerge: Emerge analytics solves complex business problems using advanced data analytics like artificial intelligence to help clients navigate the corporate data maze-emerging with better answers, new insight and optimised profitability.

eWallet : A safe and convenient electronic payment solution that reduces the risk of theft and fraud, as well as the costs associated with handling cash

Finchat Bot: Develops chat bots to help financial service providers acquire and retain customers thanks to AI-powered conversations

Funding Hub: Provides SME business financing and offer a range of financial products and services.

Fundrr: Provides small businesses with funding to assist the business in their growth journey which is enabled by a platform. They aim to provide funding in a cost- effective, flexible and transparent way.

Howler: An event management platform that enables cashless transacting through cashless cards or wristbands seamlessly.

Invoiceworx: Offers an array of business solutions which include inventory, purchase order, asset financing, group ordering capabilities and funding for businesses.

Merge: Merge is a social investment platform that connects entrepreneurs and investors. The platform simplifies, refines and accelerates the process of both, finding investment for entrepreneurs, and finding investment opportunities for investors.

Nona Digital: Offers a number of services including UI design, software development, smart contracts and Blockchain consultancy to name a few. They have expertise in the blockchain field and have run a number of blockchain based projects.

Pineapple: The first peer-to-peer insurance platform to launch in South Africa. Pineapple aims to redefine the way consumers insure themselves.

Pivotal Talent: Is a world-first multidisciplinary artificial intelligence solution to scientifically screen for performance, potential and retention.

Prospa: A mobile savings wallet with no monthly fees and no required minimum account balance. This product enables anyone to save and is accessible to anyone wanting to save.

Vizibiliti: Designs unique customer software platforms for various industries. Vizibiliti Insight takes a partnership approach when developing industry specific data-driven strategies for organisations.

You know: Helps brands and agencies across Africa to efficiently use marketing technology platforms. One of their products is Crimson Hexagon – an analytical tool that provides the client with powerful social data analytics, sentiment data. research etc.

Yuedilligence: Is an interactive web-based tool that increases due diligence efficiency for entrepreneurs, investors and service providers through process automation.

Speed dating

We then went into the speed dating segment of the evening where our clients had the opportunity to have a “date” with the businesses they found relevant. This was an opportunity for clients to get specific questions answered, see a demo of the product/service and for both parties to exchange numbers.

Overall, the evening was a success, entrepreneurs received great exposure and some good connections were made – which satisfied one of our primary objectives for setting up this event. Based on the feedback received it seems as though our Gigabyte event is here to stay!

We have dedicated team in the FOUNDeRY, who meet, greet and match FinTechs to our business segments, where applicable. We are fascinated by the startup ecosystem and have researched the Fintech segment of this community quite extensively – so look out for our Fintech paper which will be published soon.

We are fascinated by the startup ecosystem and have researched the Fintech segment of this community quite extensively – so look out for our Fintech paper which will be published soon.

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