Leaderex 2018: Agility, the future of banking and SME support

By 7th September 2018Banking

11000 people packed into the Sandton Convention Centre for Africa’s largest annual gathering of business leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs. Featuring over 250 talks and exhibitions at this year’s event it is a market place of ideas covering venture capital, education, digital, insurtech, AI, banking and much more. During the day I presented a talk on FNB’s Smart Financial Solutions for Business Owners and participated in two panel discussions; Organisational Agility and The Future of Banking in Africa.

HR Future hosted the panel on organisational agility which also included Andy Wilson from PWC and trend analyst Dion Chang. Moderated by Sarah Babb from Stellenbosch University Business School we talked about innovation, culture, agile and a range of topics aimed at assisting the audience grapple with issues of achieving breakthrough performance in their teams and companies. Dion’s recent international search for the X factor of innovation caused a number of unexpected “aha moments” while Andy gave the inside story of Standard Bank’s successful journey of scaling up Agile. FNB’s innovative culture already fosters a high degree of agility and I described how digital transformation at FNB is about smart helpfulness built on top of platform business thinking.

For the HR practitioners in the audience I explained how they play a crucial role in helping reshape and retool a workforce by coaching employees through individual re-alignment and team level understanding of agile principles. Tech buzzwords such as AI and robotics shouldn’t be feared because business value is usually co-created through experimentation in multi-functional teams. Andy and I also discussed DevOps and how it is another example of “horizontal organisational value”that is complementary to Agile and an alternative to vertical management and silo-structural mentality…

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Guest Blogger: Peter Alkema



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