The changing world around programmers

In today’s ever-changing world, we find that businesses have become more concerned about what you can do rather than what qualification you have. This paradigm is becoming more apparent as companies have an unbelievable shortage of decent coders who are able to deliver to their expectations. This gap in the employment market is increasing as the average university turnout of BSc Computer Science graduates is far less than actual demand.

 This situation has led the industry to change the way they look at qualifications and to focus more on a person’s ability to code and learn. If you are a self-taught coder and have an understanding of industry-relevant technology, you are in a much better position than someone who still has to go into university and learn coding there for the first time. A few companies are willing to take the risk of hiring someone without formal coding qualifications, and have reaped the rewards in taking those risks. The coders that they hire generally seem to be more aware of what new technology is available, and are more willing to learn something new in order to help them grow further.

 We are starting to see a paradigm shift in the industry and the way in which people think. The stack overflow statistics show that the proportion of self-taught developers increased from 41.8% in 2015 to 69.1% in 2016. This shows that a lot of developers are self-taught and a lot more people are teaching themselves how to code each year. People who start to code from a young age show such passion for coding and in combination with their curiosity for learning something new, their love for it speaks volumes. To have the ability to create anything that they can think of on a PC, and to manipulate a PC to behave like they want it to and have a visual representation of this, is unbelievable.

 For those interested in teaching themselves how to code there are many websites to look at. Here is a list of 10 places you can learn coding from, but I will list the top 3 places that I learnt the most from:

Those websites have their own way of teaching code and if youcombine this with some Youtube videos from CS50 and MIT OpenCourseWare you will be all set to learn at your own pace. Hackerrank is a good way to test everything you learnt and you can see how you rank against the world.

 WeThinkCode_ is an institution to learn coding, for anyone from ages 17-35 years old. Their thinking is that you do not need to have a formal qualification to be a world class coder. More institutes like this are opening across the world. Having a wide age gap illustrates that you are never too old to learn how to code. There are also more and more coding education opportunities for young people. It is really easy to learn how to code from a young age as that is when your mind is at its prime to learn new things and adjust to constant change.

 In a programmer’s world you are constantly learning new things and this is what makes our jobs exciting.

The world is ever-evolving and we all need to keep adjusting our mindsets on how we look at things, otherwise we will be left behind while everyone moves forward.


By Gabriel Groener



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