Why we exist
for RMB

The digital future of banking is complex and daunting. Coding, crypto-currencies, blockchain… The industry is very clear on the fact that we need to become “more digital” in order to be more relevant to our customers but getting there is a little less apparent. It needs someone, something, to guide the way, provide the platforms, develop the systems and create the products that make banking more relevant in the future.

We don’t just need someone who understands technology, we need someone who has the bravery to challenge everything we know about banking, someone who recognises that the “right way” may not exist and thus has the belief and grit to find it, by dissecting the methods of the past and create their own path to new potential outcomes. All the while holding our hands along the way.


Research and develop innovative tech solutions that will change the way wholesale banking works.


By capitalising on our collective genius to embrace bravery and challenge conformity.


Enable human potential through disruptive solutions.

About us

We promote healthy and adaptive financial ecosystems using a deep understanding of digital banking to transform the customer experience.

We challenge assumptions and experiment to solve inherent needs uniquely using cutting edge technology.

We collaborate to design, build and operate new assets in a manner that most efficiently uses resources to achieve exponential success in our niche.


We are constantly using our vast and deep banking experience to pioneer a new financial ecosystem and its interaction with technology. This is where we publish our research, insights and white papers.

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If you want to change the world, as we do here at FOUNDeRY, you can’t rely on simply being followers, so we set out to be thought leaders and this is where you can read about some of those thoughts.

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RMB FOUNDeRY contributed to RMB winning Global Finance Magazine’s award for the World’s Best Banks (Africa)
for New Financial Technology 2018

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At the FOUNDeRY we strongly believe in embracing collective genius and that no one person has the same genius to offer to the world. We are vibrant, different and passionate about what we do and who we are.

Our team at FOUNDeRY is complete at this time, but if you are interested in a career at RMB please visit the careers page on RMB’s official website.

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